About Me

IMG_7321My name is Jingzhe Wang. People call me Kelly in the United States.

I tell people that I’m from Beijing, China because it’s easy. In fact, I was born in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi province, a small town (about 3 million people) that’s 3-hour away from Beijing by train. My mom and I moved to Beijing in 2003 after my dad’s job relocation.

My mom encouraged me to go on a YFU exchanged program in 2009, so I ended up where I am today. I have heard a sentence, “Exchange is not a year in a life, but a life in a year.” That exchange year changed my idea of America and China. I realized that not everyone eats at McDonald’s in America and many Americans think of the majority of China still in hunger. The early arrival gave me a chance to experience different views of the world and made me a living example of fusion of the two cultures.

It’s been almost eight years, or a third of my life, since I first came to America, but I still see misunderstanding among people about different cultures. Many people are on the same line as I am, trying to fight cultural stereotypes. Others choose to stay in their own circle and not integrate. However, is there a right or wrong way to live our lives in America as Chinese students?

I am a Master degree candidate studying journalism at Northwestern University – Medill. I hope to become an international journalist to bridge Chinese and American cultures some day.

Click here for Kelly Wang’s Resume.


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